1.Manufacturer warrants for a period of 3 years in the field:
– Fractures (excluding fractures caused by the shock)
– Deformation / distortions
– Preserving the mechanical properties
2. The manufacturer provides extended warranty for a period of 25 years
in the field:
– Rot and decay resulting from direct exposure to fungi and insects.
3. The warranty period is counted from the date of delivery or the personal reception
of products.
4. Guarantee rights are entitled to payment only if the full amount owing to the
Manufacturer of the sale / supply of products subject to notification under the
5. Subject to warranty are products properly installed in accordance with the
guidelines contained in the installation instructions and properly used, in particular,
satisfying the following conditions:
– Leaving the required longitudinal and transverse joints between elements of the
system and its neighboring objects;
– Installation of a stable, leveled the ground of conduct contained in the installation
instructions spacing of support points in all elements of the system;
– Longitudinal cutting of boards according to the scheme contained in the
installation instructions;
– Use mounting clips for the installation which are included in the assembly set,
which forms an integral part of the system.
6. Warranty does not cover:
– Physical changes resulting from normal use of the system;
– Mechanical damage resulting from the shock;
– Differences in color and texture of individual elements;
– Differences in the dimensions of the products does not exceed 1%;
– Variation in the dimensions of products occurring during the assembly of products
resulting from the shrinkage of the material with a change in temperature, not
exceeding 0.5%;
– Changes color, resulting from the aging process and the impact factors of aging,
– Local color discoloration caused by dirt, in particular the impact of fats, lye,
caustic solutions and all measures that should not come into contact with products;
– Damage, and physical changes resulting from the color used to cover and
conservation measures (paints, lacquers, preservatives, cleaners, etc.);
– Defects caused by their products using a different manner than indicated by the
– Installation of products other than indicated by the Manufacturer’s installation instructions;
– Damage resulting from direct and indirect impacts of water and liquids of varying
state of mconcentration;
– Changes resulting from environmental impacts (air and water pollution, algae,
mold, etc.)
– Higher forces (differential settlement of soil, ground fault, avalanche, flood,
hurricane, fire, lightning, etc.)
7. The warranty expires if the prodct defect is not reported in writing within 14 days of
its occurrence, along with the attached original purchase document at the point of
purchase products.
8. The manufacturer has the right to request the applicant entity product defects in
printed or electronic photographic documentation showing he damage to the
product giving rise to warranty claims.
9. Applicant is obliged to leave the products intact after disclosure of the defect, to
make inspection of the mounting location of the product by the manufacturer or
other person indicated, under expiry of the warranty. The manufacturer, as the
guarantor, reserves the right to assessment and qualifications of defects, and
defects may exempt the applicant from the obligation of the products referred to in
the preceding sentence.
10. In case of the grant of warranty, the manufacturer provides the buyer damaged
product free of defects, or if you fail to deliver, a substitute, satisfying analogous
11. Any additional costs incurred by the purchaser (assembly, disassembly, transport,
etc.) are not overed under warranty.
12. The warranty covers the territory of the European Union